Own fleet and responsiveness

Availability of our own fleet and high standards of service ensure that our clients receive responsiveness and professionalism in solution of any tasks related to business air travel.

Professionalism and comfort

All the company employees are real professionals and fans of what they do. JetStar’s prime goal is providing comfort at all stages of our cooperation, from ordering the aircraft to its arrival at the destination.

Safety and privacy

Perhaps, the highest values ​​in the field of business air travel for us are your safety and privacy. This principle has always been a foundation of our company's work since the day it was established.

24/7 operation

Ground handling arrangements

Fuel arrangements

VIP lounges and GAT arrangements

First class catering

Crew hotel, transport and VISA arrangements

Permits and airport slot coordination

Passenger first class transportation

Credit basis terms and conditions

Charter service

JetStar – a management company

For many years JetStar has also been a successful management company in the field of business aviation. Our extensive experience allows us to manage “aviation assets” cost-effectively, which is proved by a great number of our long standing partners.